Pro R/Turbo r/Pro XP Accent Lights W?turn Signal



The Pro XP, Turbo R and Pro R are some of the most popular UTVs in existence.  They deliver serious performance and awesome looks.  However, we like to take any opportunity to add more light and more customization to our machines and we’ve done that with yet another stellar product for the Polaris Pro lineup.  Our new accent light kit combines all the great things that make  easy installation, seamless integration with our other products, extreme light ouput, and easy to use controls.


The proaudio Utv shop  Accent Light is a full bluetooth AND remote controllable kit.  Use our Pro RGB app or the included RF remote to adjust to any color pattern or fixed color you prefer.  Our standard kit will include the factory provided 2 pin connector equipped on all Pro machines for simple power and ground connections right behidn the grille.  Integrating this setup into any street legal kit is a breeze with two signal wires that require a turn signal reference.  Most street legal kits will have that signal available at the front of the machine. 55ACE6DA-EF42-4F44-B33C-B174B84B44DE